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Sweet Stoke Zine

Zine Making, Illustration, Layout

The sweet stroke zine is an visual representation of the album sweet stroke by my band heatloaf. It was a very special process for me to develop my own musical work into my illustration style and find a way to combine those creative sides into one.

The zines were printed and assembled by Risolve.
Art Direction: Keith Warren Greiman

Spring 2020


︎  Zine
      ︎ Front Cover
      ︎  7 Illustrated Spreads
      ︎ Back Cover


In the end, super happy with the results! I found a really special way to convey my songs in a visual form that can help others understand the messages and feelings. I’ve also been able to sell copies of the zine at our shows and on bandcamp so that’s been a special thing to share with people.