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Kelly Holohan


Branding, Web Design, Illustration

GRL JAM is an imagined roller derby and concert event in collaboration with Girls Rock Phlly and Philly Roller Derby. The event includes a match between two Philly-based roller derby teams with performances from local girl bands during the halftime. All proceeds from the event benefit the non-profit, Girls Rock Philly.

For this project, I was prompted to ideate and brand a non-profit fundraising event. Deliverables included, researching the non-profit, creating a design system, website & ticketing system, and a handul of deliverables to bring the event to life.

There is also a case study available to view on Medium if you’d like to walk through my process in getting this project together. Also, if you’re interested in looking through a clickable version of the site, that is also linked here.