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InstituionTyler School of Art,
Paul Kepple

RoleIllustrator & Designer

Illustration, Publishing, Exhibition Design

The Red Coat is a zine and exhibition detailing the journey of a hand-me-down coat through my family. I was the original owner, it then moved to my sister Erika, to my cousins Joseph & Annelise, and then finally to my youngest sister Katrina. Within the book and exhibition I attempted to explore the idea of sharing an object and passing it down through family, and how that object can house memories, share them with the next owner, and bring everyone closer.

In total, the deliverables included a 48-page 5”x8” RISO zine with a mini 12-page zine sewn in the middle, and a full exhibition showcasing detail of the zine with paintings, foam sculptures, slip-casted snowflakes, a diarama, and a paper recreation of the coat itself.